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C. Toni Graham is the author of the delightful childrens book, Gabby Giggles. Her debut novel, Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals, is the first installment of.
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Crossroads and the Dominion of Four will be the next release in the series. She lives in beautiful Northern California with her family. Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals by C.

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Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 6x9. Page Count : ISBN : Format : Hardcover.

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Jake, Shayna, Conner and Seneca must use their new magical abilities to battle treacherous creatures and face life-altering crossroads. Only a powerful druid and her loyal minions stand in their way to fulfilling their destiny of becoming the prophesized Dominion of Four. The Crossroads series brings together creatures and humans as they fight for the common goal of returning harmony to the Otherworld and rid the realm of evil forever.

Teen readers and fans of action-packed fantasy genres will enjoy this thrilling saga.

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Crossroads and the Dominion of Four is a phenomenal, addictive piece of fiction that left me shocked and astonished. Never before have I read such a unique, imaginative, enthralling piece of literature; C. Already I would implore you book lovers to read this book because it is incredibly unique and unlike anything you have read before. Crossroads and the Dominion of Four is a sensational read in which readers will be taken on an incredible journey. Without spoiling the first book or giving too many things away, this book follows Jake, Shayna, Conner, and Seneca as they accept their fate to be defenders of the underworld.

C. Toni Graham Presents Follow-Up in Crossroads Fantasy Series

They will have to use their gifted magical abilities to battle deathly creatures and deathly events, and this book lovers is the premise of this wonderful book! This incredible book is gripping and glorious.

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The vivid, rich world of the land we encounter is sensational and will send all readers minds into overdrive. I found this book to be surprising also as there are twists and turns galore laced throughout this book. Reading this book is a joy and never once did I want it to end, this is a sign of a true literary talent, and so I thank the wonderful author for writing such a brilliant book!

Every detail in Crossroad is superb and thought out, C. Toni Graham is a descriptive writer and so the reader is easily able to get lost in her words and imagine the land in this book perfectly.

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Never before have I read a fantasy novel that was so in-depth, truly every detail was immaculate, and this is rare to find these days within literature. Toni Graham is a talented author and a genuine wordsmith. Her tale is gripping and consistent from beginning to end. As the reader reads this book, they will be taken on an unforgettable journey which will unfold bit by bit at a perfect pace that will keep the reader engrossed. The fluidity alone in her book is sensational and unlike anything, I have read before, never once did I find myself getting bored of the story or even the characters.