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This was a really fun short story. I was in Pompeii last year, and it would have been fun to read this about that time. I love it when I learn new things. Rohan Nambiar rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Alecia rated it it was amazing Feb 11, David Impellizzeri rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Dirk rated it liked it Jul 05, John rated it really liked it Sep 22, Qiang rated it liked it Dec 14, Abigail Murphy rated it liked it Jan 10, I rated it did not like it Jan 07, Shiloh Harman rated it liked it May 06, Cari rated it really liked it Feb 22, Dustin rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Pavel Dumitru rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Courtney Schemmel rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Brenda rated it it was amazing Dec 14, Cris de la Garza rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Suzanna rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Eshan Fiaz Lalami rated it it was amazing Jul 23, Pequena Martinha rated it liked it Jan 09, Elisa rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Angel Koychev rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Nichole Wolf rated it really liked it Dec 29, Ben Esry rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Houston Wheeler rated it liked it Nov 11, Adria rated it really liked it Jul 07, Avinash rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Sara Cameron rated it liked it Jan 22, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Infinity Ring Secrets 7 books. I thought "sounds pretty boring".


Then I read the summary and review--even more boring than I expected. Great english authors of the 20th century? There are none! I'm English, and I've never heard that word.. How to respond? Is Mary Gentle a nice person? Quite probably.

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I know that she posted to the newsgroup rec. To some, obviously. For me, the joke of Orcs saying "fuck" every few lines and spouting tough-guy drill-sergeant dialogue grew old after the second chapter of it. I still remember a few lines as funny e. They're cliches themselves--different ones, from the usual hackneyed fantasy types, but cliches all the same.

I thought it revolting, I still think it revolting, and I'll not shy from telling anyone the same--even at the risk of being called a humorless "lame-ass whimpering uptight git" by someone who can't bear criticism of one of his beloved books. Hm, maybe it requires a certain mindset to enjoy 'Grunts' A friend of mine loaned it to me. I loved it. It took most of the old stereotypes of fantasy and turned them on their heads.

I guess people who are too attached to their fantasy worlds will be shocked and revolted by this book.

PDF Infinity Ring Secrets #2: Ashes to Ashes

But those of us that enjoy being surprised, and don't mind a little gore, should love the book. Did you think the way the orcs presented themselves in 'Warcraft' was cool?

Do you like dark Humor? Then check this book out. I've never read anything like it before. I typically non yank am also scared of a page book. Seriously, it's hell reading them. As soon as a book get more than some pages they get all heavy, the pages will bulge too much making the line appear in a very non-straight way. I'll probably try to get the US edition s even if it will probably be more expensive Another thing, carrying around a page book is hell, while a page book is quite alright.

Actually, far more interesting, entertaining, and thrilling than some unixsy bollocks. Get a life, you sad man. How did the book get published in , when it's only now? Sounds even better than the Hammer and the Cross Score: 2. The Hammer and the Cross, a trilogy written by Harry Harrison and John Holm, has the following similarities with Ash: Alternate history vikings, 10th century. Warfare and tactics and trebuchets! An inner, supernatural voice guides the protagonist. Interest in science.

All in all, a great read and a rare treat, although by no means perfect. I'll have to check out Ash to see if it is even better. Yes, I'm annoyed by cuts also. Its annoying having to go find the next book. That American Adventure site is very interesting. I was not aware that tex-mex food was a popular choice en The Alamo when the Mexicans butchered the Americans for their stealing their land.

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I thought us Americans were particarly bad at having a twisted view of history, but I guess the bug gets around. Excuse me, but I've got to coon hunting with my dogs. Still, you probably never even met a woman. I know he had a couple of steel ones too although i don't remember what they weighed. Re:Would that be Score: 1. Off-topic, but the trouble with Crichton is that he's one of the best ppl around at thinking up great ideas for books, but he sucks big-time when it comes to the actual writing. He'd be much better teaming up with someone who knows about characters and plot development.

Oh, and someone to read it and point out the huge gaping holes in the plot which you could drive a tank division through, as well Is this a common occurence, editing books for the US market?

Apparently the chapter was seen at the time as being too "warm and fuzzy" for a jaded America who had just survived Nixon and Watergate, and so the publisher nixed the ending where the protagonist, now no longer young, has become socialized at long last. This chapter changes one's entire outlook on the book, imo. I've forgotten most of my high school math, but knowing the difference between median and mean is important.

And, well, saying that fantasy and science fiction need to be totally realistic seems to me to miss the point. Not totally, but to some degree. For example of Conan, or Solomon Kane were to charge the bad guys with an AK or a SAW that he found in some mystical lair, that would pretty much suck ass.

Yes she is. She's also a very interesting person with a highly developed, ironic, dry sense of humour. Which probably means her humour may not be appreciated by many people following this thread. But heck - that doesn't matter. There's loads of books out there so if someone doesn't like one there's always another. Anyway - I've exchanged emails with Mary about the existence of this thread and, if she can drag herself away from her kunes a rare breed of pig she breeds and find a computer with a working web-browser she might wander in here and explain some things for herself.

Only maybe though because her piglets are very cute. Mary Gentle Score: 1.

Apocryphal, but probably true ;. Re:English authors I always thought J. Tolkien was an Afrikaneer.

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Goes to show you learn something new every day. Sounds interesting, but I'm annoyed by the US cuts Score: 2. Grunts and swords Score: 1. Grunts is the only Mary Gentle book I've finished. I tried reading one of her more serious books and was very bored. Even if it were it wouldn't be legal for her to fire it in her backyard :- However she almost certainly does "blast the living crap" out of things in her backyard with something which looks a lot like an AK I've seen and played with some of her "toys".