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List of movies available on Netflix in New Zealand

Honestly one of the worst movies I've seen ever, yet oddly entertaining. Truly something special. Should be a Holiday tradition for all. Review by Curtis. Oh, and it's sort of about Christmas, but It's on Youtube. Enjoy , if you dare. Review by Dan Gorman. Review by Hooded Justice. A borderline insufferably cheerful Christmas movie from the Great White North, but at least it has the courtesy to only be an hour long.

Two questions. One: Do French-Canadian films poorly dubbed into English count as foreign films? And two: How fair is it to harshly judge a piece of children's entertainment obviously aimed at the five-and-under crowd?

That I'm reviewing this film for this particular day of the scavenger hunt gives away my answer to the first question, so let's focus on the second here. The Christmas Martian is obviously a poorly made low-budget affair, an amorphous picture lacking in any kind of structure or coherence beyond "well this seems like it'll be fun for a minute or two," with downright bizarre transitions and musical choices. We're likely aiming for whimsical and…. Delicious low budget holiday hackery. A creepy martian in a shitty costume lures children into his spaceship and takes them on "adventures.

There are many instances of low budget effects in this film, but probably the most egregious is when the martian shows the children "pictures" of his home planet. These are literally pictures And of course the footage of Earth is standard stock footage, which makes the drawings that much more pathetic.

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There are also a couple of atrocious songs in the soundtrack, but for someone like me that's a mark in the film's favor. Absolute dogshit, and essential holiday viewing. Children are both blessed and cursed with a complete ignorance of canon. For children of the 80s and 90s, the…. The Christmas Martian. Where to watch.

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    Baby Yoda’s universal appeal has taken the world by storm, but no toys for Christmas 12222

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