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Kittens and cats love to chase and play with ribbon and string.

Cat Hacks To Save You Money

Ingested ribbon and string can cause fatal intestinal obstructions so you if you do this, you need to be extra careful. The idea is that something is moving that they can chase and it much less likely to be ingested. Check fabric for loose ends… Grow Cat Grass. Pick up seeds at your local garden or pet store and grow cat grass year round. Place in a sunny window. When grass starts growing well, remove plastic wrap and allow to grow until it is about 3 to 5 inches tall.

How to Make Cheap Litter Box Deodorizer

Then present to your cat. Grow Catnip. Catnip Nepetia cataria is a herb relative of the mint family. It causes excitement, allowing cats to let go of their inhibitions. Cats will act like crazy by: pawing, licking, rolling, rubbing, falling, and dancing like out of control. Seeds are available at most pet supply stores and small plants are available seasonally in garden centers. Make Your Own Catnip Toys. Cat toys do not have to be fancy for a cat to love them. When almost close, invert and fill with catnip.

Finish sewing to close and you have the perfect toy! Faucet Drips. Some cats love water, especially dripping faucets. Joined Oct 21, Messages 14, Reaction score Points I think I'm going to have to try this. I hate buying kitty litter.

Medications And Vet Care

Joined Nov 21, Messages Reaction score 1 Points I haven't seen this before I am all in I must say I am really peeved at the high priced commercial cost on litter I am all for animals like rabbits.. Joined Aug 26, Messages Reaction score Points I know this is an old post, but I will throw in my two cents. When I had indoor cats I would take bags of shredded paper home from work and use it in the litter box. Everyday I would dump it at the edge of my property near a large tree. The leaves from the tree mixed and it composted down. Since I emptied the box everyday it never smelled, it was compostable not for gardens!

Britesea Sustainability Master.

Frugal Cat Treats

I was thinking along similar lines Wannabefree Little Miss Sunshine. Joined Sep 27, Messages 13, Reaction score Points I think I'm gonna try this. I don't have a cat any more, so I don't need to buy anything. Well I don't either actually, technically, but my boyfriend does, and he stinks The boyfriend actually smells quite nice.

Posting for posterity, cats can be trained to potty outside just like dogs.

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I did it when I lived in the city with an indoor cat. Now we have a barn cat. She comes inside in the morning for up to 8 hours and back outside.

How Frugalwoods Readers Care For Their Pets Frugally And Responsibly

Last week we forgot her inside all day while we went shopping and she was fine! HOWEVER, my experience with new pets has taught me that it is a good idea to have the animal checked out by a vet a soon as possible after acquiring it. This is especially important if you are an inexperienced owner. Kittens can sicken and die so quickly that the inexperienced owner has barely noticed any symptoms before it is too late.

Halloween Kitty Cupcakes

Also you may want to have the kitten tested for FIV and feline leukemia, two immune disorders which are contagious and which are inevitably fatal, usually after a long lingering illness involving frequent and expensive trips to the vet for treatment. It is worth the cost to make sure you have a healthy baby to raise. After that you can purchase immunization shots including for the leukemia and other health needs from any veterinary supply dealer.

go You may be able to find a local dealer by looking in the telephone book under "Animal Health Products. I just tried it on Google and got about , hits, including the site where I recently purchased the flea treatment that my vet recommends for less than half what he charges me for it. Hope this helps. Hi: In SC, they have a pet clinc about once a month.

A lot of people use this service. It is advertised at the side of the road and normally held in a large parking lot such as Big Lots or Wal-mart. Sometimes, the Vet goes to one place in the morning and another location in the afternoon. Also, you can save money by going to rabies clinics — they are usually free or charge a small fee. Also, give your pet a premium food for optimal health — Iams and Purina One are the only good ones in the supermarkets.

There are better foods at places like Pet Food Warehouse and other large pet stores that sell food.

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